Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Rare interview with Dame Judi Dench curtailed due to traffic: "The trouble with this phone-on-the-road-interview malarkey is that Dench's answers tend to be as staccato as my questions. And when she does answer, I'm so busy diving for cover from oncoming traffic that I forget to follow up. I promise Dench that we're as good as at the book festival now. A voice in the background, says that there's only 10 minutes left so I should make the most of it. "Is there a new bloke in your life?" I ask. "Are you joking?" she says. "I'm 69." "Well, you're just a baby, so why not, and let's not fall out before we've even met." She says something about flattery that I don't quite catch because the wheels are screeching to a stop."


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